Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Call me the Zullypedia

I was mostly AFK this weekend, but I have quite a bit of WoW to talk about as well.

I've polished off all of my "easy achievements" list, you know annoying ones like explorer, squirrels, and northrend gourmet. I dropped some gold on the Gigantique Sack to get that out of the way too. Now it's back to grinding rep. I don't have Krom to back me up on the heroic Outland instances anymore :-( so I think I'll work on the old world ones. Zully is currently parked in winterspring with no staff equipped. Yes, I've been punching teddy bears in the face. It's quite theraputic actually. Got that unarmed skill up to 391 :-) I need to buy/find a grey dagger and grey mace to get those skills maxed out too. I'm pretty close to having all weapons usable by priests at max. I broke down and started making frostweave bandaids as well.

On Saturday I went and visited a friend. She and her other half had to go fairly early but let me stay the night since I was headed off to the mountains. I set myself up at the dining room table w/ my laptop. I was intending to just level my drood but I decided to poke my nose in on SDS first and they invited me to bring Yoka to Naxx. My dps went up from around 1k to about 1.3k with the spec change. I scored a new ring. I felt a little bad rolling on loot seeing as I'm not exactly a regular raider, but the other dps warrior that rolled wasn't exactly a regular either.

I ended up hanging with the Goblin clan on their boat Sunday. His kids are super cute and well behaved, which is very unusual for me to say. I'm generally not into kids. It was really funny when Goblin introduced me by my drood's name. LOL. I'm thinking I need to go visit them down at their house some weekend and have a little dungeon LAN party. If they could just get themselves a tank it would be great. Fortunately for the one non-WoW player on the boat the "Zullypedia" talk was only intermittent. I was having a blast getting to swim in the lake and hang out with some real people for the day.

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