Friday, July 3, 2009

Total Embarrassment

I logged on to my shammy to do my minor glyph for the day and I got a whisper from Aeth asking if I wanted to do an 8 man Naxx with him. It sounded like fun, since I haven't raided in FOREVER, so I went with it. They needed DPS so I grabbed Trig. Psycho, one of the guys I used to group with occasionally was raid leading.

Everything was rolling along great, I was having some "raid juice" and having a blast. I got the giggles as I usually do. I had a little fit of laughing and Psych goes "whoa zully, breathe"... Uh what? He can hear me?


When I switched computers and set up my Vent, apparently it is set to voice activate by default. They could hear me the WHOLE TIME. I'm pretty vocal when I heal too. Nobody said anything! Assholes!

Trig must think I'm insane.

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