Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sticking a Toe In

Things have been going pretty well on my "new" server. I'm still having a hard time taking the final jump over from my long time home.

I've been having a blast with my little druid. All that shapeshifting just never gets old. I've always been fascinated with the RP concept of changing form. The one and only time I ever played DnD, I played a half-elf ranger that could change into a panther. It would have been pretty rockin if I hadn't left for college :-D I think the only reason I haven't had a successful druid yet is that it's my default "alt" class. I have something like 4 druids and 3 shammies, all alliance, all under lvl 15, hanging out on various servers where friends wanted me to go.

My hunter's rolling along around lvl 20 now as well, but honestly, I find the gameplay too "easy". That seems to be my problem with pet classes, I like to be hands on with my game, whether it's healing hands or hands holding the two hander that's bashing your face in. It's fun to take her out and play with the scorpid once in a while, and I like the idea of her. I'm just not all that into it.

I'm still tossing around transferring my shaman. I would kind of like to level her to 50 first, so I can transfer 5k gold with her instead of 1k. The problem is, I get half a billion tells asking me to heal stuff as soon as I log in. Maybe once the new patch comes out with the spiffy new totem bar I'll finally do it.

I've also got in the back of my mind that once some of my buddies get close to lvl 80 I'll thwart their efforts to outlevel me by transferring someone. Maybe both. I'm still waiting to see how this new server is once the summer vacation is over and the kiddies go back to school.

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