Friday, July 24, 2009

We and I

The longer I'm away from SDS the more I realize that I miss it. But not in such a way that if I go back that will go away. I miss how SDS used to be. I miss Huggy's escapades, which are toned down now. I miss talking about Fanta. I miss hanging out with Tran and Krom in TeamSpeak. I miss riding to the rescue with four other people when someone is getting ganked. I miss doing the Island every day and having rivalries with alliance guilds. I miss doing heroics. I miss healing Shak's Warrior.

Some of that is just a side effect of cutting back my WoW time. I'm just not there on weeknights to do these things, though I'm sure some of that is going on. But even on Friday and Saturday nights I can easily spin around in a circle in Org all night with nothing to do. Vent is empty most of the time, except for Trig and Fry. I didn't expect things to stay the same, but the reasons I stuck around so long are gone.

But now, I'm the Guild Leader, which is something I've always wanted to do. We roll around in old instances just for fun. I'm sure once we get into a decent bracket we'll be doing battlegrounds and world PVP. I'm hoping Mal will do arenas with me again once he hits 80 (and gets high speed internet :-P). As it is, we revel in every alliance kill we get. We're picking up a few solid members outside of our initial circle. Creep is putting together a guild website as a school project, and I think I've talked Goblin into setting up a vent server for us.

So why haven't I transferred Zully yet? I miss her too. I think I'm avoiding talking to Px again. Otherwise I think I would have done it a while ago.

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