Thursday, July 30, 2009

When Worlds Collide

I did something at work today that I don't think I have ever done. I stood up for myself, even though I knew it would rock the boat. Among other things, I can thank WoW for helping me along.

This whole turbulent guild switching drama I've been complaining about forever is almost over. I'm prepping Zully for transfer and Px or not she's going tonight so I can wake up and do dailies tomorrow. I had a thought that turned on a lghtbulb for me:

I can't fix work but I can fix WoW. Wait. I CAN fix work.

I knew it would suck, but it sucks about the same as quitting SDS as my main guild. Because both make management waves. And I have a severe fear of rocking the boat.

So I had victory today. And I will have more tonight. And maybe, just maybe, my stomach acid pains and insomnia will go away too. Heh

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