Monday, February 9, 2009

Ride the Flame Wave

After yesterday's craziness I basically just quested and fished, and did offline things today. All that running and healing and wiping wore me out. When I came back on after dinner tonight, my project DK said he wanted to get together a group for 10 man OS. I figured why not, it's just money. Which is what I always think when I'm about to be in a difficult raid.

Well, it was hard. And we did a lot of stupid things. And died a lot. And used a lot of pots.

We also killed 2 drakes with 9 people and gave at least half the group the first time achievement. And got to reward our rogue Alive, who's been a really great DPS addition to the guild. I'm glad he's stuck around.

After doing Heigan last night, the flame wall seemed outright simple. We wiped and wiped and wiped on the trash and the dragons, but we took Sarth down on the second try. I'd say it doesn't make sense, but we seem to be thinking faster on our feet now. It's really cool to watch.

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