Friday, February 13, 2009

Follow the Leader?

I was really frustrated when I logged in on Tuesday night and they were running an OS 10 already. The patch hadn't even cooled yet and three of our tanks were in there doing it. Since when do you need three tanks to run OS? And you know, I'm not really mad about that so much, that would be really selfish of me, everyone wants their gear and whatnot, but one of the tanks that ran has multiple, meaning three or more, 80s. He didn't need to bring the tank. But he's decided that this week his tank is his new main. Whatever.

So I decided right there that I'd better "reserve" the other two tanks (though I admit I forgot one) so I could do a run. And I'll admit, I purposely didn't invite any of the alts of the three tanks that were in the other run.

As soon as I got online to get started, people were bugging me for invites, including those who have not been invited, for various reasons. As usual we're looking for DPS and Mr. Multiple 80s Man basically elbows his next brand spankin new 80 DK into the raid. I know we have enough DPS to pull him along, but I was really hoping to test our group dynamics. Bringing in a brand new 80 was not in my plan.

You know what I'm going to do next time? I'm just going to stay off Teamspeak until the raid is built. I can ignore whispers much easier than people begging in my ear. Guh, it's so annoying!

In addition to all that, Krom asked me yesterday why I was running OS when he was trying to get a Naxx run going. I felt bad for messing up his plans, but I didn't know he was thinking that. I started building my run on Wednesday morning! I'll talk to him tomorrow morning and we can hash out what to do next weekend.

I was pretty excited about it anyway, this was the first run I actually organized myself. I set it for 5, the final person came into the raid around 5:15 and we started the actual raid at 5:30. We were done killing Sarth around 7, and we only wiped twice, both on the boss. We did really really well. Even though Tess was drunk. What the heck, last I knew he quit drinking! I wanted to slap him and tell him to stop talking!

Even though it was successful, I don't feel like the run was very fun. Maybe it's because I was grumpy and put out over the guild politics. I've been feeling a little under the weather so maybe I just wasn't into it. Maybe it was just stress of leading it for the first time. I dunno. I want to do it again though. I just hope I feel better about it next time.

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