Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gear Upgrade Post - February

I haven't had a ton of upgrades, but then again there aren't a ton of upgrades to be had outside of Naxx and OS for me at this point. These are what I consider my fastest upgrades.

Head: Wearing Forgotten Shadow Hood. All the head pieces either drop from the final 2 bosses in Naxx or Heroic versions. I'm not feeling that confident quite yet.

Neck: Bone-Linked Amulet Construct Quarter, Grobbulus

Shoulder: Dark Runic Mantle Halls of Stone BoE (I want that haste!)
Heroes' Shoulderpads of Faith Plague Quarter, Loatheb

Chest: Wearing Moonshroud Robe Nothing till Heroic Raids

Waist: Wearing Elegant Temple Gardens' Girdle. Nothing till Heroic Raids

Legs: Heroes' Leggings of Faith Construct Quarter, Thaddius (or VoA if I ever get lucky)

Feet: Saltarello Shoes Plague Quarter, Heigan (My favorite Naxx boss EVAR! No joke!)

Wrist: There's a pair that are more "suitable for priests" but I like the heavy crit my Azure Cloth Bindings have. So none till Heroic Raids

Hands: I'm wearing Heroes' Gloves of Faith. No upgrades till heroics.

Finger: I'm wearing Titanium Spellshock Ring and Timeworn Silken Band. As with the bracers, I like the extra crit from the spellshock ring even though there's one with spirit that drops from Heigan. So I'm good till heroic raids.

Trinket: Majestic Dragon Figurine Sartherion, Obsidian Sanctum
Spirit World Glass Military Quarter, Gothik the Harvester

Cloak: My Wispcloak is awesome. Nothing till heroics.

Wand: Using Wand of Ahn'kahet. Best until heroics

Weapon: Needs more research. I'm using Sulfur Stave, which is supposed to be DPS, but I didn't see another staff with good heal stats. I need to research a main hand/offhand combo.

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