Thursday, November 6, 2008

Officer Duties

It hasn't been all that long, relatively speaking, since I became an officer, but seems like forever. Some of that's because once I made a real commitment to the guild I started acting like one, even though I wasn't yet. And unlike many of the other clubs I've had leaderships positions in, I truly enjoy being a guild officer.

I like being the webmaster. I like interviewing and inviting new members. I even like taking care of the guild bank. And you know what? I'll admit it. I liked gkicking those two people. Not because of any power trip, but because I recognized a problem before it became a major issue and acted on it right away (with a little coaching from Tran and Px). And the reason I found it was because of my regular officer routine.

When I wake up early enough to log on before I leave for work, I spend my 20 minutes picking through the guild bank and scanning the auction house with my bank alt. One thing we always have a glut of is crafting patterns. Well, all of a sudden 10 patterns disappeared. I checked the bank log and a low level paladin had withdrawn them, despite the patterns being above 200 skill level and in all different professions. So I let Px know, and they were demoted to Initiate so they couldn't access the gbank. He sent them a letter to contact an officer about it. The very next day a different person of about the same level did the exact same thing, except this time they took all four of the green gems that were put there for general use. Secretly I was glad the patterns were gone, but the gems pissed me off. The same process was followed for this alt.

Well, the next time the offender logged on, I asked about it. I was really nice about it, only implied that maybe they were using them on other characters not in the guild. The person denied the whole thing, and when I pointed out the bank log entries, he blamed it on his sister. And then, right before I gkicked him, he had the nerve to ask me for high end enchanting mats from one of the back tabs! Justice was served, and we only lost a few patterns in the process. I considered petitioning a GM about the stuff that was taken, but I honestly didn't want the patterns back anyway.

Speaking of the bank and bank alts, there's been so much stuff to auction in gbank the last week or so I think I'm going to make my secret squirrel mage my personal bank toon and use Rosy for the guild auctions. I don't want to split the auction money unfairly either way.

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