Thursday, January 7, 2010

Zoooooooom Ding!

Every once in a while the new LFG tool comes up with a really stellar group.  I've had a lot of success with my dungeon achievements, maybe found myself an arena partner (finally), and I just want to kick every dwarf I see square in the teeth.
I got to my computer a little earlier than normal this morning, so just for kicks I stuck myself in a random dungeon group.  The servers were restarting anyway, I figured it would be a good excuse to drop group early if I needed to get to work.  I got popped into Nexus and the second we all arrived the tank took off like a bear out of hell.  We chain pull clear everything up to the first boss, sometimes two groups at a time.  Tear down the first boss, immediately chain pull the next groups.  Triple bitch goes down so fast, I get the split personality achievement just from sheer DPS power.  Unfortunately, my server restarted right before we hit big blue. Best PUG I've been in yet, I'm sorry I didn't have 10 more minutes to finish the instance.

My Glory of the Hero meta is coming along nicely.  Oxy and I did a PUG Occulus the other day, and the tank offered to help us get the no reds and no greens achievement at the same time.  Between the Twins, Oxy, and bored, overgeared PUGs, I'm hoping to have my first protodrake in a few weeks :-). 

I hate Blackrock Mountain.  When I set my second hearth to Badlands I thought it would be fun and a great way to get background lore for Cataclysm, seeing as they're going to do some serious work in there.  BRD achievement, Thorium Brotherhood rep, Loremaster points, great right?  I was wrong.  Oh was I so wrong.  I can't wait till I finish that rep and get to the last BRD boss and never have to set foot in that horrible place ever again.  If it weren't for the fact that I don't have much else to do solo, I'd probably give up on it.  Unfortunately, I think Silithus is going to be even worse.  Sigh.

Oxy apparently changed her mind about doing arenas with me.  She ran out of things to spend triumph badges on and has finished her Furious set.  I can't have a raider showing me up in PvP gear, so I've been busting my ass to get my set completed and rack up some honor points.  The new arena season starts on the 16th.  If I really try I can probably get everything upgraded by then.  You've inspired me Oxy, I owe you a milkshake.

Finally, I went ahead with that second spec Shadow.  Conveniently, it uses the same gear set I've been using with my Disc PvP set.   It's a blast in battlegrounds, but I'm not so sure about PvE.  I equipped as much +hit as I could get my hands on, but the main thing that's getting me is the lack of AoE damage when I'm doing my solo dungeon drags.  It's been a good way to practice my survival with those giant packs of running patrolling dwarves.  I'll keep collecting offspec gear and see if it gets better.

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