Monday, January 11, 2010

Fear My Red Pen of Doom!

Every once in a while I get on a "red pen" kick where I want to edit someone else's work.  I've found that doing this to the family Christmas letter or a coworker's big presentation are generally not good outlets for this urge.  That's where wikis come in.

When I started editing the in house wiki here at work, I got over the fear of "doin it rong" and started to "Be Bold".  I did a little bit of editing on the Wikipedia, but it can be really hard to touch on a topic I know enough about, or that has less of a grasp on the English language than I do.  Having a couple million other people editing limits my opportunities.

Wowwiki on the other hand has lots of great opportunities since grammar and spelling aren't exactly cornerstones of the WoW community.  Having made all those jokes about being the "Zullypedia" it seems appropriate that I make occasional contributions to the WoW bible.  Can you believe "bacon" and "grats" weren't covered?  They are now.

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