Saturday, January 16, 2010

One shot, one kill

Things have been stirring in the guild the last week or so.  I can't really talk about it because it hasn't come completely out in the open but as they say, the winds of change are blowing.  Personally, I think in a good way.

Tonight we got together a 10 man ToC run with 6 guildies and 4 pugs.  It went really really well.  We actually one shot every encounter in there, finishing the whole thing in about 2 hours.  I picked up a new wand, and we got a few more people attuned for ToGC attempts.  We actually tried ToGC when we finished up.  Managed to get the first of the three beasts down, but not before the worms came out.  Better than the last time we tried that's for sure.  We then moved over to ICC and cleared out all the trash.  We made two attempts on the boss and called it.  We had him down to about 1.7k health, not too shabby.

I'm hoping this weekend raiding thing becomes a trend.  If they can get something together in the 6p-9p slot, I'd actually be able to raid.  I'm trying not to get too excited about it, since every other time this has come up something has blocked me, but after tonight's performance, anyone who has said that our guild can't do ICC yet is wrong.  We got really close with PUGs, and not superman pugs either, people on par or lower than the gear and experience level of our normal raiders.  We just need to remember that it's hard, it's SUPPOSED to be hard, and we need to work together and learn.  The bosses will fall.

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