Monday, November 9, 2009

Twins, Dragons, and Elementals

I did a bunch of raiding this weekend. I didn't really log in till Saturday evening. Did my daily Triumph dungeons, then Eye wanted to continue their ToC from earlier in the week. It seems some of the people who are there during the week are not there on the weekend, because I got an invite despite not being saved to it. They were on encounter #4, the twin Valkyries.

Unlike that crazy demon, I was actually pretty good at this fight. After running the Mechanar about a billion times with Shak, and also Thaddeus, and also the four horsemen (good old original Blizzard) the positive/negative concept is simple for me. Match your color/buff/charge or take damage. Switch at some point. Or, be a different color as the boss and do more damage. The only problem was when someone else who's standing near you screws up, the AOE blasts you.

Did a 25 VoA pug. I was so excited because we didn't fail on the first guy. But then people started getting dumb. They tried to start the lightning trash before everyone was there, so they weren't able to beat the lightning charge. Yeah, it's nice that you wear plate and can live through it, but here's a hint: Overcharge goes off and 4 fail angels pop up. Then some mage decides it would be fun to aggro everything. Repair bills. Sigh. I wish I could weasel some more stam into my gear. Such is the life of a clothie I guess.

Also, my new guildies are awesome. I felt welcome from day one <3

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