Friday, November 20, 2009

Repost Comment from RaidWarning: Hardcore vs Casual

I agree that heroic content is too easy now. Partially because gear is more easily attainable. You can’t increase the base difficulty of existing dungeons without making them impossible for their intended audience, the fresh 80. Until they do something like tune the dungeon based on what badge you want, heroics will continue to be a snoozefest. The death of crowd control and trash has taken a lot of the strategy out of heroics. It’s way too easy just to tank n spank every boss.

I think you hit on something you didn’t intend to. That mix of t8 and greens shows that you can’t be decked out in all your gear just by doing heroics, you have to raid to fill in certain slots. There’s also a math problem with saying a player can just farm heroics every day and easily be in the best gear.

Assuming just the (realistically) PUGgable Triumph Emblems you can get
2 Daily Heroic = 14 emblems + 4 in VoA 10/25 + 3 in Onyxia 10 = 21 Triumph Emblems a week. Assuming you don’t get saved to a bad group.

A single piece of Triumph Tier gear is 75 Emblems. That’s 3 weeks of work. That’s a long time for one piece of gear, and if someone has the time to do the daily every day, 2 VoAs, and an Onyxia PUG every week, why aren’t they raiding? It’s the same time investment and much more enjoyable to raid with a guild.

It is much easier to get the Conquest Emblems, but old gear is old. The hardcore raiders have already cleared Ulduar, and they’ve moved on to the shinier gear. Not to mention the new status symbols, fast mounts and titles.

Where do new raiders come from if the only thing available is heroic blues and purples? Is it fun to have to run people through every old raid to get gear in order for them to be able to fill in a current raid spot? Without the badge system we’d be right back to the 40 man dungeon days. The only people who could raid would be people who already raid because it’s impossible to catch up if you didn’t start at the beginning. That doesn’t make for a fun game once you hit max.

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