Monday, November 23, 2009

Lucky Ducky Turkey Lurkey

I spent all weekend in my computer chair and still didn't finish everything I wanted to do.

Sometime last week I finally finished all my faction champion quests. Thank god. I'm saving up for the Argent Pony and the Argent Tabard. Still working on the Oracles as well.

Friday night I did some heroics. I'd been drinking though, so I don't remember exactly what we did. Probably H ToC and the daily. I think we did a few others too. I know I was having a booze induced "I love you man" fest. Sorry about that guys.

Saturday morning I joined a VoA 25. No priest gear dropped but I did get to pimp my ride! The Grand Black War Mammoth dropped. I rolled a 98! I fully expected it to be ninja'd but despite the mage egging on the raid leader to take it from the "bad healer" he did give it to me.

Saturday afternoon we gave Naxx 25 a shot. It took forever to get the group together, but that's mostly because we had to pug people. Jaqu was smart enough to take us to Patchwerk first, since that's the gear check fight. We wiped I think three times on him. I felt kind of bad because I know it was partially my fault. I forgot he hits like a truck on the very first swing, so there were 2 instadeaths.

Sunday morning/afternoon I pretty much worked on Pilgrim's Bountyall day. Silraz was nice enough to hang out with me and help with some of the ones that needed multiple people. The big accomplishments was the token "do something at the enemy city LOLZPVP" quest. That took about 2 hours to complete. He also came with me to kill the bird in auchindon. But, stupid me forgot to put my holiday gear on before we killed him. Gotta do it again. I don't know if I'm going to be able to get this achievement, as I'm leaving for a week on Tuesday. I'm gonna try and sneak on tonight.

Sunday evening can be summed up in one phrase: Skill > Gear. When I logged back in after dinner half the guild was in a 25 Onyxia run. I was eavesdropping on the raid, and all of a sudden 8 people left because they "had a raid". It sounded to me like they were trying to pull a "we are so great the raid will fail if I don't tell you what to do". And wiping the raid because of it. I jumped in along with a few pugs and we downed her on the first try. Not because we had better gear, but because we let the raid leader *gasp* lead and followed directions. I died twice though, I wish I had remembered to turn on my combat log. I'm not real experienced with Ony and I'd like to know what to change. Though I think one was a fear into a deep breath, which may have just been bad RNG.

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