Friday, October 23, 2009

New Guild

I moved Zully over to Eye on Tuesday.

I ended up doing my first ToC 10 man on Wednesday. It was a little frustrating because not only was I thrown into a new raid with no preparation, but I didn't know who was talking in Vent either so they would say to run toward X and I'd have no clue who they were talking about. But, we got the Beasts down and made good progress on Jaraxxus.

Yesterday I had kind of a shitty day, so I logged onto Dalv and ran my warrior in Ulduar with those guys. We did leviathin and razorscale. It was weird DPSing in a raid, but I managed not to stand in the fire too much, and we got him down third attempt.

That's about all really. Hopefully I'll get some time in this weekend.

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