Friday, October 16, 2009

Flip flops should be for the beach

I changed my mind about transferring. I know, Zully can never make up her mind. Sometimes I think she's more tusks than brains.

Two things happened to change my mind. I realized that I had 6 of 12 friends online, and was talking to three of them, plus guild chat. Since when do I have friends?

Mal introduced me to a great warrior. He's easy to heal and dual specced PvE tank / PvP. A tank. Who does both. I'm amazed. Krom is DPS only and Shak didn't pvp on his warrior. I'm excited. He invited me to join his guild. Unlike Aeth I'm actually going to take him up on it. I have nothing to lose, EnM is my guild anyway LoL.

I hope Dep and Syco will come with me. Unfortunately I think Dep is mad at me. He came on during the last heroic of a marathon and ragequit when we wouldn't kick a pug to let him in. I understand his frustration, a three person guild is only fun to a point. We really dont do that much together. I didn't get to ask him to come with me, and he wouldn't answer my whispers. I'll try again on Monday. He transferred over with ne, I'm not letting him go without a fight.

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