Monday, October 26, 2009


I got to do ToC with Eye last week. It was fun, but incredibly chaotic and demanding. Chaotic takes practice, demanding takes gear. I do the best I can without raiding, but I get lazy when I'm not challenged. I'm close to finishing up my Conquest badge gear, and I'm on my way to a nice Triumph piece. If I don't raid, I don't really need the Triumph gear, and if I do raid, I'll get it. Thus, I'm not worried.

After ToC, one of the guild priests who's been raiding a lot more regularly wanted to give me some advice. I'm all about unsolicited advice, both giving it and getting it. However, I am pretty stubborn about it being *advice*, meaning I may decide not to take it. He basically said my gear needs work (yep, that's right) and that I need to farm more heroics (also true). He then proceeded to tell me the upgrade order of my gear. I pretty much agreed with his top three, and reconsidered my upgrade order based on what he said.

The part that was a bit annoying was when I asked a "why" question. I was asking for a quick opinion about whether to swap out my staff for the mainhand/offhand combo I've been PvPing with. Number wise, I found they are almost exactly even, except the staff currently has about 250 more spell power. He suggested the mainhand/offhand. So I asked why he preferred the MP5 over the increased spi/int. His answer was "trust me, it's better". Right. So I decided to keep the staff until I have a better offhand.

To be fair, any offhand besides the crappy 78 BoE purple I have is going to push that mace up over the staff, so that may be what he meant. I definately would not D/E a Main/Off combo that's equal to a 2 hander, but he didn't know that. I think I was put off because I wanted to have an actual intelligent conversation, and was shut down. But you know what? I'm the "new guy". I could be a total n00b who stacks stamina because it makes me live longer, and in that case "trust me it's better" is a great response.

Anyway, all this is great because it has me interested in doing my research again. I've been really lazy about my stat crunching recently. My talent trees haven't been updated in quite a while, my glyphs suck, my meta needs replacing, and I took the lazy route with my gems and just did straight up spi/int/sp gems for whatever socket happened to be there.

I also haven't really looked into the newest "rotation" upgrades (see my previous post on the lack of a healing rotation for holy priests). I saw something about the 5 second rule posted over on PlusHeal and was startled. Am I supposed to be doing that again? How much regen should I have? When should I trade off spi/int for sp? What is the haste cap that I should be hitting? I don't know. No excuses! Time to WWS my next raid, hit up EJ, and get cracking!

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