Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Holy Priests are Easy to Gear

Yet another installment in the unfinished posts series.  What the heck was I rambling on about here?  Yeah, if it has Spirit it's good for holy priests, but did I really need to say more than that?  I think I see where I was going here...

PlusHeal Topic: What Makes a Ring a Healer or DPS ring?

Maybe I'm taking an overly simplistic view of it, but holy priests are really easy to gear.  Does it have spirit, but not hit?  Take it.  Now before you start yelling at me hear me out:

Tier 9 healer gear: All have Spirit
Tier 9 shadow gear: Some have Spirit

Tier 10 healer gear:All have Spirit
Tier 10 shadow gear: None have Spirit

A traditional Holy spec includes: Spirit of Redemption and Spiritual Guidance.  Spiritual guidance increases the spellpower by 5%, and Spirit of Redemption gives a 5% bonus to the total spirit

Shadow priests have Twisted Faith that gives a 20% spellpower bonus, but they have to meet a hit cap.  The hit cap is a challenging thing.  It's easy to think that any item with hit on it is good, until you start going over the cap.  Then it's a big juggling act to keep as close to the cap as possible while having the best balance of gear.

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