Friday, July 30, 2010

Response to Breakfast Topic: Where's the epic?

Part Two in my series of "Blog Posts I Never Finished" is about Wrath not being as "epic" as Vanilla.  In a nutshell, not in terms of having to work hard for your gear, but in terms of scope and storyline Wrath wins.  This one even has links!  Why didn't I finish it?  It's missing the transition paragraph, I generally don't write my paragraphs in order.  Here you go! Breakfast Topic: Where's the epic

As much as I like to sound old school and all with my pre-BC characters, the truth is I barely made it to max level before BC came out.  This means I experienced Barrens Chat.  I remember running all the way to the Ashenvale border to get to Warsong Gulch (and the bloodbath that happened outside the gates). I put together Dungeon Set 1, and was working on 1.5 when BC hit.  I played enough to know that overall, Vanilla WoW was a pain in the ass.  If you busted your butt to grind the 45 Minute Baron, you really felt like you earned your gear.

This article suggested that the breathtaking feeling of something spectacular and unexpected happening is missing, and implies that it has been missing since the end of Vanilla.  Another article posted today (The loose ends of Arko'narin) talks about a quest with a good story that is glossed over because of the death of old-world questing.  I'm all for reminiscing about the days when WoW was hard, but I completely disagree that the epicness and good storytelling is gone.  If anything, Blizzard has found ways to get players into the story without having to read every bit of quest text or do the dreaded Onyxia attunement chain.

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