Monday, September 20, 2010

Things to do while waiting for Cataclysm

No raids?  Tired of dugneons?  Here's what I've been doing to pass the WoW time when I'm not in the mood for Starcraft.

#1- Auctionhouse PvP
I've purchased my chopper and my vendor mammoth, and am almost up to my next 10k gold.  I'm still fighting with two or three glyphers for market dominance, but my profits have bounced back after crashing the market a few months back.  The spreadsheet helped.  Most of the glyphs are still just above mat cost.  Good for the consumer, right?  I've been selling as many different crafted items as possible.  Oddly enough making shirts and tuxedos with Tailoring is a minor money maker, as is converting one eternal a day with the Alchemist.

#2 - Melt Faces
I did a few weekends of PvP and did some arenas with Seth and Jake.  It was fun, and I got some of my gear updated, but I'm still an arena n00b.  We didn't do any this weekend, but I hope to do a few next weekend.  Even if it's just 10 games.  My druid's also been getting some claws-on-ally action.  Being a stealthie and flag runner is a blast!  I think that's originally what I made my druid for, maybe it's time to finally get her to 80.  Just 4 more levels!

#3 - Earn Street Cred
There's still a couple thousand quests I haven't done.  I finished off all the ones that count in Silithus, including the Cenarion rep.  Sometime I'll suck it up and finish off the Timbermaw rep too.  I also have a LOT of argent tournament badges to earn to get pets and mounts, and am only about 2 days away from the Venomhide raptor.  I have to remember to keep buying that stupid Oracle egg too...

#4 - Flashback Trip
I've been leveling a space goat priest with no heirloom gear through the group finder to experience all the dungeons at-level as a priest.  I didn't really dungeon much back in the day because finding a group was too hard.  It's been fun for the most part, except I'm REALLY REALLY sick of the Scarlet Monastery right now.

#5 Change Your World View
I've been tossing back and forth killing all my addons when Cataclysm comes out and seeing what I miss.  Along with this, I've also been thinking now is a decent time to redo my bars and set up key bindings again since what I'm doing isn't important.

#6 Screw
Oh wait, that's from my OTHER list of things to do when I'm bored.  Oops.

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