Monday, September 22, 2008

Add-Ons List

I'll figure out the best way to post this later. Need to take advantage of the brain fart while I'm having it.

Current Addons
Auctioneer- Auction House economy tracking. Standard Deviation for all pricing data. Also auto-sells greys and helps price enchants. Used to be better when enchanting mats were higher. Mental note: start charging more for "with mats" chants. 10% of AH mats should be about right.

Omen - Threat Meter. Still learning this one. Custom settings by Tran

Grid - Unit health / debuff tracker. Still learning this one. Needs custom setup.

Quartz - Cast Bar / Buff / Debuff

Deadly Boss Mods - Boss Effects warning system for PvE, Tower/Flag status tracking for PvP

WarcraftRealms - Statistics. Because I'm a stat nerd.

Outfitter - One button gear and trinket management. Setups for Holy Set and PVP set. Need to learn the TrinketQueue system and reset the auto AV and Argent Dawn trinket macros.

DamageMeters - Damage / Healing statistics tracking. Because everyone always asks for it.

QuestHelper - Adds map waypoints for quests and searching of items / mobs / NPCs ingame. High memory cost, turn off before raids

FishingBuddy - Just for fun, and the fishing tourney. Easy right click cast/loot. And stats, because I'm a stat nerd.

Addons to Try
Clique - Right Click / Macro style healing. This is instead of HealBot, works better with grid from what I hear

FocusFrame - Allows visual tracking of /focus target. I really should be using Focus, especially for shackles.

Useless/Annoying/Difficult Addons
Bartender - Too much customization, does not eliminate "scroll wheel" bars

Default Customizations
I need to check my keybinding settings and put some "oh shit" buttons near WASD

I need a chat-log modifier or custom settings. Between grid and quartz the chat log is getting in the way and the combat log keeps disappearing.

I was still getting some spell cast lag in AV at Vann's doorstep. I think I can live with this but turning the distance down a bit might help

I need something easier lock my toolbars from dragging things around, I always forget to turn it on.

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