Monday, August 18, 2008

A Close Shave

Spy Emergency saved my ass, and probably my guild's ass too, today. I went to launch it on my laptop since my main machine was occupied with another LAN game and I got a Trojan warning called "Game Stealer" attached to WoW.exe I HATE playing on this windows machine.

Now I have to completely reinstall WOW, redo all the patches, scan, and reinstall all the addons. But at least I didn't get haxored. That would be bad for both me and the guild bank. Also, I'm glad I did it now because I'm leaving for a trip in about 4 hours and I woulda been uber pissed if I couldn't play WoW because the game was haxored and the discs were at home.

I'll be changing my password now too. I need to get one of those authenticator dongles.

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