Monday, August 11, 2008

Breakfast Topic: Buggy memories

Today's WoW Insider breakfast topic is about bugs or weird happenings that make great WoW memories. I have a few that I can think of, and I have screenshots too :-)

My favorite had to be one of the times I went to Zul'Farrak with Body Count. Mangler and Darkdestiny helped me run through ZF about a billion times, and Mangler in teaching me the arms warrior ropes pointed me at what became my first Epic, Sul'Thraze the Lasher, the two halves of which drop in ZF. Not to mention all the times I ran it with Zully for one reason or another.

I actually have a lot of good memories of ZF. In my opinion, it is one of the most epic mid level old world dungeons. There were so many little different things like the scarabs that all pull if you hit one, the event where all the zombies run up they pyramid at you, and of course, the quest you have to do to get the Carrot on a Stick. First, you have to do this stupidly annoying prerequisite chain in the Hinterlands to get the Hammer of Zul'Farrak where you end up killing like 100 trolls, then bring it with you and bang on a gong to summon Gaz'rilla giant hydra. Post-BC, they have added giant hydras to at least two dungeons that I run regularly, but good old Gaz will always be my favorite.

So here we all are ready to kill the big guy. I'm standing there with my giant sword and Mangler says somthing along the lines of "What are you waiting for? Go do it." I look up at this giant thing and think "OK..." and charge. Well things are going fine, Darkdestiny's healing me with one hand tied behind her back. We're almost done and I get hit with this knockback.

I landed perfectly on top of the wall looking down on the battlefield.

I have a great picture of me before it happened, and me on top of the wall looking down at this giant dying hydra. And I got my Carrot on a Stick :-)

Another good one is my recent trip to the top of the world. It's not really a glitch, it's a pretty well known easter egg type area, but Tran showed me the entrance and took me on a little tour past all the airplanes and the flight master, around and up the hills to the very top. It was so cool. Of course I got a little disoriented and almost killed myself on the guards outside of Ironforge when we jumped back onto the map, but what's a good trip without some excitement right?

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