Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ugh Writer's Block

I have no less than four posts sitting in my "draft" bin right now.  I get started writing them and I'm on a roll and then... I disprove my point, which isn't all bad because I learned something.  Or I realize I'm telling the SAME STORY of my WoW life that I feel like I've told a million times before.  I think a lot of it is just that the game is stagnant right now as the build up to the expansion increases.  There's nothing to look forward to really until the Cataclysm starts, and we don't have any idea what the date is on that.  There won't be any major talent changes until right before launch.  Yeah the Ruby Sanctum will be added to give us lewtz to obtain and there will be some RP going on over in the Echo Isles, but nothing to analyze or really strive towards.  Just roll along status quo until the earthquakes start.

I can't wait for RealID to roll out, though I'm not sure why.  When they first started talking about it I thought I'd have people left on Dalv that I wanted to talk to without having to sit over there and do nothing, but really there's only a few people I think would actually be interested.  Maybe Pex, Lalo, and Reid.  Pretty much everyone else either I don't care about talking to, or probably don't want to talk to me (frowny face).  It will be convenient to see people without having to keep track of a billion alts.  I just hope there is an "invisible" mode where it goes back to the old system.  That way if I want to just log into my auctioneer, do my crap, and leave as quick as possible then I don't have to feel guilty about telling people I have to go 2 minutes after I log in.  If not, I'll just have to post a status message of something like "Logging Off Before 5:52 AM".  Heh.

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