Thursday, May 20, 2010

My WoW Buds Already Know This

... but I haven't had a lot of time to play lately.  I've taken WoW breaks in the past, but usually they're self-initiated or self-enforced.  I tend to get grumpy when I'm forced not to play.  This time has been a little bit different, because I've been able to log in and do my auctions, say hi to Mal and Sil, do a few chants, etc and a half hour here and there to mess around.

Surprisingly, the top two things I choose to do when I have spare time right now are auctioneering/crafting and running low level instances.  If I had a little bit more time, I'd probably spend it working on Yokanolu's gear.  I've given up on the morning Frost Badge run.  I'm tired of healing heroics, even though it doesn't take very long.  It's boring, and since I got my high level robe, pants, and boots I feel like anything else is just icing, so I can sleep an extra half hour instead.

This has caused me to push off my auctioneering to the last 45 minutes before bed.  It's working out pretty well actually, because I have enough time to get everything done without rushing, including restocking the crafted items which have sold.  I was worried I wouldn't be making much money when I finally dropped the glyph market (I'm taking credit dammit.  There's only two other high volume glyph sellers I know of in the market.  Their prices are ridiculous, so I cut it in half for my sales. I've quit seeing their names except when I discover a new profitable glyph.  YOU'RE WELCOME Alterac.)  Yesterday I discovered that one of my competitors (not glyphs) is our guild bank sales toon.  No mercy!  The only person I've ever made an exception for is Sil and his bags, and I usually do that by purchasing the bag so I can re-post it at my own price.  It looks like the minimum level for auctioneers is going from 1 to 10, since the mobile application that's coming out will only work with characters that show up in the armory, and the min level for the armory is 10.  Eh, my banker's already 6 so that will only take me a few hours to do.

A while back I think I posted about my old high school Facebook friend who has (sigh) a night elf hunter on another server (ironically, in the same battle group as Altarac).  I rolled a little space goat priest to see if I could catch him online.  Well, it's been two months and I've NEVER seen him.  However, I have been having a good time healdpsing the lowbie dungeons at level with no heirloom gear.  They seem... easier than I remember.  I ran Stockades for the first time ever.  What a lame instance, RFC is a lot better than Stockades.  You got shafted Alliance.  She's level 27 now. If I only have 30 min and my auctions are done, it's easier than trying to explain why I don't want to do heroics/raids/pvp with the guildies.  I guess it's just my knack for helpfulness, I have to go somewhere I don't know ANYONE to get single player me time.

I do miss raiding.  Not so much the raiding part, but the teamwork with my guildies.  I feel like it's been forever since I got to spend time with Fooc and the twins.  They've made some progress too, I feel a little guilty about expecting to walk back into my raid spot when my break is over.  I feel like I'm getting preferential treatment, but I'll be really disappointed if I've been replaced.  I can't join group two because they raid during the week :-(

Anyway, I should be back soon, but I still have a going away party and a baby shower, and another commitment on Sat mornings till September that I'll talk about in a future post.  See you all soon!

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  1. Oh Zully, You haven't been replaced. Your spot is there whenever you want to come back. It's hard when someone can't make sat but then are available sunday. Thats the only time I could see being a problem, but for the most part you and Sam can only raid weekends so you should be able to have a little more pull than those people who can make it whenever.


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