Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So About My Interface...

I guess I know what I'm doing for the next week.  Overhauling my interface.  Major updates are not good for the addons.  I'm going to try just turning them all off temporarily.  No, really.  I mean it.

I'm betting half or more of the addons I'm using right now won't work anyway.  I would like to simplify my game, and the only way to do that is to see what I can do with the default interface, and what I can't live without.

Probably Keepers:

Vuhdo - I still don't think Blizz gets healing.  If the default frames have click casting, I might be able to use it, but I somehow doubt it works that way.  I suppose I could go back to Clique.

TellMeWhen - I need the cheat sheets for things that stack, and on my druid to see what abilities need to be applied.

Auctioneer - I just need to have the economy tracked.  My database is going to be screwed up for a few months, but I'd be lost without knowing the average prices of things.  I'd feel like I was wasting money left and right.  I am going to reset it to defaults with a blank database (after a backup of course)

LilSparky's Workshop/Skillet - Same as with auctioneer, knowing if I'm making or losing money while crafting, and what to craft to make a profit is the only way I stay afloat financially. And the queueing/shopping list function for crafting is so much easier

AutoScreenshot - Or whatever it's called.  I have a big hard drive and I might want to use screen shots of my achievements in the blog. It does tend to overload my folder, but I'm OK with that.

Highlight - The search bar for bags and the bank is a must have, and I don't think it's being added to the new interface elements

I'm on the fence about:

Dominoes - I really need to learn hotkeys anyway and my screen looks like an icon library exploded.  It also makes setup of new characters really time consuming.

ButtonBin - I don't use it to it's full potential, but it's a really handy place to put reminders and addon shortcuts instead of a million little pips on the minimap.  But I could probably live without it.

Altaholic - I forget if the tooltip that shows what characters have what items is through this or another program.  I may just replace it with a lighter weight addon that just handles my item lists.  However, being able to check inventories, etc on the fly is kinda handy.

Outfitter - I really really want to use Blizzard's interface for simplicity's sake, but it just doesn't swap the outfits correctly for me.  It's too clunky and hard to get to.

I hope I can get rid of:

SexyMap - I only used it to move the map so I could use Dominoes.  I actually don't like using it, it's a pain in the ass to set up, and it's set up wrong on most of my toons anyway, overlapping other screen elements

MSBT - Do I really need all that scrolling battle text?  I think I ignore most of it anyway.  If Blizz does their proc notifications right, I won't need it for Bloodrage or Combo Points, those are the main things I use it for anyway.  Well, and to see the big green numbers on my heal crits.

QuickAuctions - If the new glyph system started today that means I can use the Appraiser module in Auctioneer again.  I'm through trying to play the entire glyph market, Woodwitch came back and I'm not making enough profit for the hassle.

Odyssey - Loremaster will get easier with the old world zones converting to a per-zone quest tracking achievement.  I doubt I'll ever complete it anyway, and I'm gonna be too busy doing the new zones with a new toon to worry about it.

Recount / Omen - I hate these programs. I think the in game options are good enough, but they're expected for raiding.  Really, I don't use them anyway, but I have them installed

Deadly Boss Mods - Yes call me crazy, but I've considered just using the cues Blizzard gives us.  I've gotten pretty good at listening to the boss RP and looking for cast effects.  But again, it's expected for raiding and it does make things a lot easier.  Maybe the new slower combat system will help make it not as critical.

I already dumped:

Questhelper, a long time ago.  I hear Blizz is making their quest tracker even more like QH with the directional arrows.  I'm going to try and turn the ez-quest stuff off when the expansion hits so I can enjoy the questing process more.

Gearscore, never used it, never will.  If someone wants to see my gearscore they can figure it out themselves.  I know I'm a good healer and I don't need some stupid number to tell me that.

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